Huffington Post article on "9 Reasons Not to Abandon the Art of the Handwritten Letter" 
Old letters from my English professor's attic

My university college English professor lives in a historic house in Virginia, and while renovating in 2017, they've found letters from 1907!


My dear old girlie, Yes I did get "huffy" over your not writing for so long a time and I must tell you that from Sunday night until Thursday night is a right long time to have to wait...I had just come to the conclusion that you did not care about me any way and that I would "return to my wallow" and smoke cigarettes again, or go to South Africa or Panama or the Philippines. The latter was most preferable...having a nice Filipino girl, one with a nice soft heart and a lovable disposition who would treat "her [?]" with consideration. So you see what dreams you put into my head by not writing to me and of course I ... get huffy.

"My very dearest Boy." The second page reads: "I must hasten to tell you what an honor is being done you. Mother has just given me a nice little piece of furniture for my room. It is a kind of desk with drawers and a table combined. It has a large extension top that lies down at the side when not in use. Something like this illustration. Now the honor to you is that I have christened it by writing to you on it and the very first thing that was put in the drawer was your last letter to me!"