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Hi, there! I'm Jennifer


Flowers, papers, and friendships are some of the things I cherish in this gift that we call life.


“Smile and Bloom,” reminds me of the children’s song, Bloom Where You’re Planted.  That phrase is an encouragement for me personally as I found myself living in different places across three continents, which to be honest, were often difficult and awkward.  It's great to be reminded that no matter where I am planted, I can still choose to bloom.


I love the truth that each of us is wonderfully made. Each one of us, with our background, personality and passions, when honed to full potential is the unique gift we offer to the world. I want to remind others of this, and that matter where we are, or how we are presently doing in our journey in life, there is always hope to be found.


Letter-writing is precious.  When my family moved to Canada from the Philippines many years ago, I sorely missed my friends from elementary school.  I would wait for the postman every day at noon, always hoping for a letter.  And I had such good friends, as the days that I would shriek with joy in receiving those letters were many.  I treasured each letter in a special box, and would often reread them in bed.


I cherish one particular family story about letter-writing.  When my grandfather as a soldier in World War II was looking for a wife to marry, he wrote to several eligible women in his town.  Only one woman replied, and she became my grandmother. They married while bombs could be heard in the background, and would live to see almost 40 grandchildren from their nine kids.


The necessity of hand-writing letters is long gone, and they may be unnecessary, but I believe that just like art, music, and friendship, they are gifts to be enjoyed.  

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